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Cassy Fiano wrote a spot-on response this week to some typical feminist ranting at every Democrat’s favorite female to derogate.

What, exactly, disqualifies Sarah Palin from being considered a feminist? She’s a self-made women with an impressive career. For those unfamiliar with Palin’s career pre-politics, she first worked as a sports reporter; after marrying her husband, Todd Palin, she worked with him in the commercial fishing industry in Alaska. She got into politics pretty much at the lowest possible level: at the PTA. She then ran for a seat on the Wasilla city council, eventually moving on to become the mayor, and then governor of Alaska. The rest is history. She was forced to step down as governor, but her career has been far from over. She’s now a bestselling author with an upcoming second book to be released later this year, a Fox News contributor, and a public speaker. She’s the clear breadwinner of her family, but by all accounts seems to have a happy, healthy marriage with her hunk of a husband, Todd. They have five beautiful children together. One would think this would be the perfect definition of a feminist is. But, of course, there’s a litmus test that you have to pass in order to join the Fascist Feminist Club, and Sarah Palin failed.

I responded to the post by writing a comment a tad long for that form. So I’ve reposted it here. (with a few extra cherries at the end)


Sarah Palin IS the very definition of an empowered woman. She thinks her own thoughts, pursues her own goals, AND does this WITHOUT pretending to be a man.

In other words, she embraces her own femininity.

Too many womyn believe that a feminist must sacrifice the very thing that makes her so- her womanly nature. To these people, a “feminist” must dress like a man (bonus points if she looks like one.), work in a male dominated industry, and sleep around ‘like a man’ (I say this facetiously).

By default definition, a feminist is also someone who can not be too feminine or too attractive. She must not work in a traditionally “female” role. (seamstresses, flight attendants and mothers: take note) And she absolutely must be completely open to sleeping with as many people as she so desires. To enable this last qualification, she must be willing to have an abortion or support the right of other womyn who also choose to have one. After all, if a man sleeps around, he does not get pregnant. Neither should womyn.

This is ridiculous and a far cry from what the original Feminists (big F) fought so hard for. To them, being a Feminist meant being able to work at the same job as a man, performing at an equal quality of productivity, and get paid just as much. (that middle part is jumping up and down and waving it’s little arms at you) It meant that their intelligence was not dismissed, especially when it was equal to that of their husband’s. And that their vote should be equal to that of their brother’s.

NOTE: this did NOT mean that a woman would head over to a firehouse and still be hired, despite the fact that she couldn’t carry the equipment while wearing the gear through a burning building as she carried an unconscious victim over her shoulder.

Women, despite what “feminists” would like to imagine, are not exactly the same as men. There are some things we (generally speaking) are better at, and some that they excel at. It is the way of reality.

The problem with womyn feminists is that would very much like to deny that reality.

As far as abortion goes, feminists insist that because some men have poor judgement and little self control, that all womyn should also have poor judgement and little self control- or at the least, support womyn who choose to live so foolishly.

In their mentally stunted rationale, if that nasty kid on the playground is always throwing sand in everyone’s eyes, yet you are prevented from doing the same, well then equality can not truly be gained until you are also allowed to throw sand.

They haven’t quite worked it out yet that a playground full of brats throwing sand in each other’s eyes isn’t exactly a fun environment to play in.

Not to get slightly Spider-Manish on y’all, but with rights come responsibilities. Though we have the right to vote, we also now have the responsibility to make sure that our votes go to the most worthy candidate.

And yes, womyn of the feminist movement, while we have the right to sleep with whoever we wish, we must also take responsibility for those actions and not sacrifice the lives of innocents for convenience sake.

It’s funny how Sarah Palin (that silly bimbo with the campy accent) gets that… and yet womyn don’t.

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Examining Black Loyalty to Democrats


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A former Jihadist speaks up!


Fantastic! More, please!

Also fascinating is Dr. Tawfik Hamid’s (the former Jihadist being questioned) assertion that terrorist groups’ first enemy was women’s rights. The West, Israel and America are the Great Satans because they are the defenders of women.

Utterly perplexing the way old-style feminists defend this culture.

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Speaking of Palin…


Conservatives: Yay women! Look at all of our special elections and primaries, our conservative women are doing fantastic!

Democrats: …

Conservatives: This is a day to celebrate a new breed of feminist victory. One that supports strong women who think for themselves and are brave enough to stand against the old-feminist dogma. And many thanks to Palin for supporting these candidates. She is an intelligent, common sense kind of person, a real breath of fresh air.

Democrats: …. Sarah Palin… /head tilt/…

Conservatives: Yes, it’s quite possible that her endorsements really made a difference-

Democrats: -do you think… ?

Conservatives: yes?

Democrats: You think her boobs are real?

Conservatives: What?

Democrats: No, look at these pictures! Don’t they look… BIGGER, somehow?

Conservatives: …

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Lord Monckton confronts a member of Greenpeace


“Even if I prove these things to you, you would prefer to believe a political line given out from an organization rather than the scientific facts?”

Her answer… well she’s got faith, you see.

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