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Speaking of Palin…


Conservatives: Yay women! Look at all of our special elections and primaries, our conservative women are doing fantastic!

Democrats: …

Conservatives: This is a day to celebrate a new breed of feminist victory. One that supports strong women who think for themselves and are brave enough to stand against the old-feminist dogma. And many thanks to Palin for supporting these candidates. She is an intelligent, common sense kind of person, a real breath of fresh air.

Democrats: …. Sarah Palin… /head tilt/…

Conservatives: Yes, it’s quite possible that her endorsements really made a difference-

Democrats: -do you think… ?

Conservatives: yes?

Democrats: You think her boobs are real?

Conservatives: What?

Democrats: No, look at these pictures! Don’t they look… BIGGER, somehow?

Conservatives: …

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