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March For Life {2006}


Small Child

I got up at 6, and slogged through the morning routine. I’m not usually one to be at all coherant any time before 10am, but I grabbed my ipod and listened to some of Laura Ingraham’s clips on the “Abortionist of Arkansas”. (need to be a 365 member to hear it- but it is so worth it.) By the time I met up with lil’ sis I was ready to face sunlight at least. (a miracle on it’s own. Morning should be outlawed.)

We scooted on over to the Blogs 4 Life conferance where I put some faces to words and really got fired up and ready to act. (will update more on this later)

After the conference we shot out the door as quick as we could to get to the protest. We had lingered longer then we meant to with the bloggers and were worried about missing out on the rally before hand.


Still a few blocks away, our first view of the march was of some tight lipped, grim looking media standing around waiting… for something. What, I don’t know.

When I came home that night I was so disappointed in the lack of coverage of the march by the media. The day was huge. Beyond anything that I ever could ever have imagined, or hoped for. I can’t even describe the incredible, awesome feeling of seeing so many people at one place at one time. It was shoulder to shoulder- spilling over the sidewalks, from the Supreme Court to the Monument and beyond that. I am not a stars-in-your-eyes optimist. I admit it. But the day of the march I dared to entertain the idea that the world was going to actually see us. That we would, for once be heard. I thought there is no way they can ignore this many people. They’ll have to take notice

And then I came home and all of my grand ideas crashed down to earth again. CSPAN covered it. (CSPAN! What sane, everyday American watches CSPAN??) Fox never mentioned it. The other stations gave it a brief, 30 second spot at least twenty minutes into their broadcasts and didn’t bring them up again. (After Abortion did a great job of covering the rally and the media coverage. Make sure you go there and then click through their stuff)

There was a scene in the movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington where Mr. Smith is completely shut out by his hometown media for political gain. Kids from all over his hometown print up their own newspapers, they go door to door to try to get the truth of what is happening to Mr. Smith in D.C. out to the everyday citizen of Mr. Smith’s state. But the big media in his home state shut them out. They go so far as to run a car full of boys off the road to keep the information from leaking. The result is, the people in his hometown are completely ignorant of the facts. They flood the US Senate with letters speaking out against him. Mr. Smith sees the letters and it breaks his heart. He nearly ends his crusade right then and there.

I could relate to Mr. Smith just then.

Marching for Marla

Anyway, after walking by the media, we crossed paths with Christina of RealChoice who was Marching on behalf of Marla Cardamone’s mother. Marla’s “safe”, “legal” abortion killed her. She is certainly not alone, in that regard. I had met Christina ealier at the blog con and was happy to be able to get a shot of her with Marla’s poster. (Christina talks about why she was marching here)

Rally stage

We made it! See the stage waaaaay over there? Yea. Next year we’ll do our best to get there a tad earlier.


First thing I noticed about the crowds was how many high-school and college age girls there were. They were thick as porridge. (I think we should use that expression more often, don’t you?) Made me laugh when I remembered how Planned Parenthood likes to stereotype us as grey-faced old men.


Yup. Sure is.


Women deserve better than abortion.

Green Scarves

Wish I knew who these guys were, I saw green scarves everywhere! The friendly fellow in the center there let me know, in a very thick accent, that they were all from New York.

Birth Day

Well? Don’t they?


After hanging around the stage for a while we headed over to queue up for the march. While over there, we saw… more media! Of course they weren’t actually taping anything. Just kind of standing around.

black genocide

“Between 1882 and 1968, 3,446 Blacks were lynched in the U.S. That number is surpassed in less than 3 days by abortion.

1,452 African-American children are killed each day by the heinous act of abortion.

3 out of 5 pregnant African-American women will abort their child.

Since 1973 there has been over 13 million Black children killed and their precious mothers victimized by the U.S. abortion industry.”

Abortion’s toll on the black community


The wait line to march up and down both sides of the street.

lost child

While waiting for our turn to file behind the march, this man walked by with his sign.

hurting women

A sign giving information for women who are suffering after abortion.


Still waiting in the queue. These guys kept me entertained during the long wait. And they gave me stickers. I ♥ stickers.


Yea! Finally the Banner passes us and we can file in behind!

Abortion Regrets

Apparently, nothing infuriates Pro-choicers more than these women.

(read this too. And this. Aw heck. Just go read the whole thing.)




Still more.

Terri's Fight

Terri Schiavo’s brother spoke at the rally, and many people had arm bands on that read “remember Terri“.


My first favorite sign.


LOTS and LOTS of young’uns.


All the highschool people had the best shirts. I was jealous. I was just sporting a plain white shirt and hallelujah hair. (the humidity was making it stand up and praise God.) Some awesome seniors pointed out this site for me though. $13 bucks for a shnazzy shirt- can’t beat that!

more high school

Never thought of writing on my face to make a point. Might try that next time.

more girls

The march was so thick you couldn’t help but be bumped along on all sides. Hardly any room to breath.

lil' sis

It was hard to get photos because we were packed so close together. So I boosted lil’ sis up on this metal thingy and handed her my camera. (sorry, Daddy. She came home in one piece- promise) Wouldn’t let her down until I got this shot of her. :D

Crowd shots


The other direction


lots and lots and lots of people…


and lots and lots and lots…


…of people…


People started coming up to us and asking her to wave her sign so that missing people in their party could find them.


Back! Get Back! Stinkin’ Seahawks fans. (go Steelers!)


“Face it. Abortion kills children.”


I finally let sis down when she began complaining of hunger. (she’s so needy.) We went off down a sidestreet to get some hotdogs and eggrolls and found this lady along the way.

Satan is a Nerd

I want one! These guys were awesome.

Alito is Neato

Seriously- what happened to this photo?? Anyway. One of only two Alito signs I saw at the March.


Headed back to join the crowd. This guy caught our eye.


Captain, we appear to be entering some sort of worm hole. The signs are mutating!


Yea. No idea.


More favorite signs. They read: “Don’t Kill Babies!” (Che), “Pro-Life: The Choice of a New Generation”, “Cobra Commander is (anti?) abortion” (in back), “Think Different About Abortion”, and the bestest sign ever: “Godzilla Hates Abortion. It’s Alive! Raging through the world to end the slaughter of innocent children!”

Good point.


There were quite a few anti-war, pro-lifers out there. I’m reminded that, once upon a time, the Democratic party was pro-life. If there’s any liberals out there wondering where all the democrats have gone, well, they’re marching.


Still going…

back of the line

I wanted to get as many shots as possible, so for the most part we stood still or walked very slowly while the march filed along past us. 4 hours into the march and the back of the line was finally catching up with us. There was finally a bit of breathing room between bodies.


Unique signage.

Feminists for Life

One of our own signs in front of the capitol.


Don’t know where these nuns were going, but they were bookin’ it down the sidewalk. (yes. I said “bookin’ it”)

abortion hurts.

So many people forget that how much abortion can hurt a woman. They’d prefer not to think or speak about it.


Take my hand, not my life. (that sign has gloves!)


There were men at the march too. Didn’t mean to leave them out. This guy seemed so serious, so tired, and so sad.


Getting closer.

man of the cloth

Black Leather meets Black Cloth. All for Life. (don’t you love the priest’s umbrella hat? :D )


Taking a rest.

Finally! We can just see the Supreme Court


The other Alito sign.

Supreme Court security. In case we pray on the steps or something. (you have to stay behind the barricade if you want to pray.)

Praying behind the barricade.

This little girl’s tiny voice rang out clear and loud as a bell. While the adults around her prayed, she alone cried out “Roe V Wade Has Got to Go! Roe V Wade Has Got To Go!”

Bound For Life
These were all people who have been born since 1973 when Roe V Wade legalized abortion. They stand silenced for those who never had a chance to speak for themselves.


Believe it or not, there really weren’t too many aborted fetuses (feti?) photos at the rally, a few large signs off to the sides were all that I could see. However, I realize not everyone needs to, nor wants to be confronted with these without warning. So I’m going to put up a few shots of the Weirder side of the march along with the more graphic photos. This is your warning to stop scrolling now if you don’t want to see these images.


Kilts, Gentlemen!! (maybe I should have added a warning for these.)

It’s Jesus, get it? Cause Jesus was always barefoot. And blonde. And he wore a bathrobe.

then again, maybe it isn’t Jesus. ::squints and looks at the photo sideways::

These girls wanted their photo taken with “Jesus”.



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